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Bringing the ‘Care’ in Healthcare to the forefront

In a rapidly evolving digital economy, Healthcare providers are constantly under pressure to deliver better healthcare outcomes, better transparency and compliance, and justify investment in the Healthcare infrastructure & Healthcare Products

This calls for the use of more automation in the Healthcare environment, which is precisely what Hospital Information Systems (HIS) achieve. However, creating a winning HIS product requires years and years of insight into Healthcare operations, staying update on innovations in the Healthcare domain, and boat-loads of technology expertise.

Cintiti, the flagship HIS product from Evangelsoft precisely embodies all of these parameters. The product’s name has been inspired by ‘Čintiti’ the Sanskrit word for ‘care’.

The founders of Evangelsoft who came from a rich technology background were disillusioned with the quality of automation or the maturity of process integration that went into HIS systems in the late 1990s. Having interacted with several hospitals during their stint with technology companies, they had a better insight on what Healthcare institutions require.

According, Cintiti was created in 2004 as an advanced, fully-integrated and comprehensive HIS product that helps reduce operational costs, bring efficiency and economy of scale to Healthcare operations, aids Healthcare providers in split-second decision making and fosters paperless operations.

The product has been well-received in Europe, India, Australia and US and has spawned other products from Evangelsoft such as Lab Assist designed for Pathology labs. The sum total of using Evangelsoft products is a ‘transformative healthcare operations’ where doctors, specialists, nursing staff, administrative staff, patients and their families can provide or enjoy high-quality healthcare in an efficient and cost-effective manner, thereby enhancing the healthcare experience for everyone!

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