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Cintiti Lab Assist

Pathology is a very data-intensive department as multiple procedures, equipments and vendors are involved. Cintiti – Lab Assist is a Laboratory Information System (LIS Software) that streamlines the Pathology workflow and provides flexibility to maintain all types of diagnostic information for both invasive and non-invasive investigations. It provides case information generated by lab tests along with patient history, order entry, specimen processing, and reporting within the clinical workflow.

Lab Assist is highly configurable, flexible, cost effective and remarkably easy-to-use, thereby creating a better alternative to paper-based processes. It is the ideal choice for individual Diagnostic and Pathological laboratories to bring more economy of scale into their operations.


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  • Registration
  • Appointments
  • Billing
  • Report Entry
  • Templates
  • Marketing Tools
  • Medical Alerts
  • Integration to HIS
  • Integration to Analyzers [Optional]

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